About TPD

Pattrick Patterson has a love for doughnuts. Seriously. A relentless, passionate, sickening love for doughnuts.
It is this kind of love that compels him to spontaneously book a round trip flight to another state, just to visit a
doughnut shop he read about on Facebook.

Tofu De la Moore is a musical fanatic and Prince enthusiast who enjoys getting lost in strange cities, armed
with nothing but a camera, a small synthesizer and a pair of headphones. Having learned of Pattrick’s
doughnut-chasing adventures during idle chatter in a recording session, Tofu was hit with a bolt of inspiration.
“Why don’t you video and blog your little doughnut runs? Because, normal people don’t do stuff like that.”
To which Pattrick replied, “No.”

The rest of the story isn’t really that interesting. Eventually, Pat caved and got a plane ticket for Tofu.

Here we are…